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Nylon Copper Teeth
Silver teeth (copper color)nylon zipper is special nylon zipper, the nylon teeth is processed with vacuumed electro plating film. The teeth has the feel of alloy sense.  And multiple alloy color is available in SGS. Delrin zipper with shinning teeth uses vacuumed electro plating process to plate an alloy film on the delrin zipper surface, makes the teeth shnning with gold, silver, nickel, even in rainbow color, makes the product colorful and it can decorate most of clothes requires shinning looking.

Nylon zipper #3, #4, #5, #7, #8, #10

Colorful nylon zipper is widely used in sports wear, casual wear, handbag and shoulder bags.  Special shinning color could make the zipper to fit fashion wear with outstanding personality. It is widelyused in bags and sportswear.
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